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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Well, I thought I was doing better. Better with the protein, better spirits...everything. Then I went to lunch, or at least took my lunch break from work. I went to Fashion Bug because I received a gift certificate for my birthday, and because I needed some new pants. Ok, so they didn't have any pants that I liked, so I decided, ok no big deal I'll get some shirts. Nope! Not so easy. Nothing fit right. I tried on 4 shirts, all size 22-24, and they were too small and I hated them all! I'm not gonna spend $30 on a shirt that's not gonna fit in a couple of weeks, so I refused to try on anything bigger. I got nothing!

My clothes are too big. Some of them are so big, they are sloppy. I'm completely disappointed that I couldn't get anything new today. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

In other news...I've lost 70lbs as of Saturday. We had a lovely Easter and the candy didn't bother me too bad. I ate 4 jelly beans...made me quite sick, other than that tho, it was great.


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