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Friday, October 01, 2004


I'm so bored with this. I still have a fat ass, and well, I'm losing weight so slowly now. It's been what, let's see, almost 9 months. I'm down 106#. That's good I guess. I did think it would be more. I've been eating a little bad lately. I need to be better. I still can't fit into some clothes...that's annoying to me. Last night I tried on this jacket that I have, but nope, still to small. It zips and all, but it is really tight. That just sucks! It's like my top half is doing ok, but the bottom half, not so well. I still have a big butt and hips. Maybe I always will, that's so upsetting. And ok, let me say, everyone'll feel so much better after surger, more energy...blah, blah, blah...ok, when is that going to effing happen? Oh well, whatever. That's all, thought I better post.


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